Thursday, January 2, 2014

working on it

Ok, so 2104 is here! I gotta say, even though 2013 had some dark days, it was a good year. I watched Jack grow grow grow. I got to know his little personality. He has some things about him that are just his. He is pretty laid back and just likes to take things in and observe at public places. If you get your timing right and don't interrupt a nap or meal, he is content to hang out in a restaurant high chair or his stroller. After about an hour, though, he wants to get out and play.

He eats very neatly. I have not really worked on him eating with a spoon too much yet, but when we feed him he stays neat and not messy, which is strange for a baby! He decided  he wanted to give himself the bottle and now there is no other way he will have it. Very independent, is how I would describe him. He has not really thrown tantrums when mommy or daddy leave, and he is fine to play on his own for long periods. He hates when you try to grab his hands to teach him anything. 

One thing he does seem to like to do with us is reading. He will come at you with a book and say THIS and then turn around and sit in front of you. Whick means put me in your lap and read this book to me. He can be forceful about it sometimes.

He makes amazing faces. And he can tell that everyone everyone everyone loves him. He pretty much walks around all day happy. Did I mention that? Dude is totally testing out walking all the time. He totters and falls and then decides to crawl the rest of the way, but he seems to always start out walking. 

So on the Jack front alone, amazing year. Much better than 2012 Jack who tested my sanity. 

In terms of professionally and emotionally, it has been up and down. I have gone through this in the past few posts, so I won't rehash, but I do want to let my readers know that I am working on some stuff. I have a decent therapist and I have an appointment soon. I am working on catching myself before I get into negative self-talk. And on a more spiritual level, I have been trying meditation and negativity-clearing rituals. I am a lucky person, to live the life I live. Typing in a coffee shop on my fancy iPad Mini, while my husband hangs at home with my beautiful baby and sweetheart dog. Positive mantras might be hokey and lame, but they are my new thing. 

I am also working on a 30 day self-esteem photo project. The ones I found online are really just vanity projects, which I am not interested in really. I found one that is less a "best version of me" project and more of a "real me" project. I will post the list soon and hopefully post regularly during the semester break. 

Whatever 2014 throws at me, I hope I am strong enough for it. Here's hoping it is a great year for us all!

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