Friday, January 17, 2014

Day 2 - Habits

You didn't thnk this was going to be every day for 10 days, did you? Ain't nobody got time for that!


I have a lot of bad habits. I let laundry pile up, I bite my nails, I procrastinate, I worry over dumb stuff that will never change. Probably my worst habit is my negative outlook or more specifically, negative self talk. I am my own worst critic. I feel like it is good to have some humility and to be self-deprecating. But it can veer off into self-hate. I'm trying to get better. Here's one small way: 

Just a little daily encouragement in the morning and at bedtime. I have been trying to meditate but it gets hard to find a quiet place and a quiet time. This upcoming semester I will have more solo time when I am on campus. Maybe that will give me an opportunity to work on it.

Best habit? 

I make sure that every day I read with my son. 

Sometimes it means letting him go through every book at lightning speed, and other times it is quiet and he pays attention. Yesterday I took out Where The Wild Things Are. He hadn't seen it in a while because he was tearing up pages on his books by accident, so I have mainly kept him to board books and soft books. Yesterday afternoon he was restless and cranky on account of new molars. I was tired, he was tired, and it was 4:30 so it was too late for a nap and too early for dinner. So I decided to try it. He sat in my lap and said "oooh" and "wow" on every page. He wanted to read it again and again and feel the pages. I know it is a good habit to start early on reading, and it is definitely something he likes doing, but it is also so sweet and cute that it makes me very happy. 

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skull.kitten said...

love this project you've taken on. the self being the perp of self-hate, why do we do that? i am happy to see how you are trying to change it.
i love Baby Jack's ooh-ing and wow-ing books. E told me the other day that he likes how books smell. i was proud.